Not the Next Great Lifestyle Blog

Google “nice vanilla cake???” Really, go do that, scroll through the first few pages of results, and report back. Aside from the drool now dripping down your face, you probably noticed a few Martha Stewart links, something from, maybe canadian living. After that? Page after page of impeccably photographed cakes on sweet little blogs with adorable, lightly punny names. It takes something truly wonderful and unique to bust out of that crowd, and to be honest with you –

That bust-outter is definitely not going to be me. I’m not here to be the next Lauren Conrad slash Jillian Harris. My hair just isn’t blonde and straight-with-a-slight-curl enough to be a successful blogger. That girl is probably cool as hell, but she’s just not me.

I’m just a goofball that likes to write. I don’t have any pretensions about this situation being anything other than my own little corner of the internet. I like being outside, I like baking cakes, and I love cute shit. I have a girlfriend, big hair, and all I’ve ever wanted to do is make you laugh. I suspect I won’t be the first site you check in the morning, but I hope you’ll remember to look over here sometimes. I’m a Kelowna kid with small- to medium-sized dreams, and above all – I’m Your Local Jill.


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