Hardy Falls

Last week, I wrote about the tremendous value in escaping for a weekend, even if you’re just going an hour or two away.  Sometimes, though, you don’t have a whole weekend – you have a day, or an afternoon.  On those days and afternoons, you still have an opportunity to escape to a nearby town and go for an unfamiliar hike and drink unfamilar coffee.  Sometimes, it’s really just about shaking your routine than it is about actually sleeping in a different bed.  

In search of just that kind of adventure, Dani and I wandered to Peachland the other weekend, which is only about 30 minutes from where we live, in Kelowna.  It’s a tiny town that hugs the edge of the east shore of Okanagan Lake, south of West Kelowna.  The views from the town itself are incredible – rather thatlooking across  the lake at houses and development (like the view from Kelowna), Peachland looks across the lake to a line of low Okanagan-style mountains, spiny and bare after fires in 2003.  

Peachland also has a beautiful waterfall along such a sweet little trail that I can’t even call it a hike – these falls, known as Hardy Falls, are really only a 10 minute walk along a well-developed and flat trail.  This would be great place to stop off with kids itching to stretch their legs, or somewhere to take your visiting aunt (the one who went on a hike once when she was 21, and has regretted it ever since).

After playing in the waterfall and getting our feet distinctly wet, we took some photos on one of Peachland’s many tiny blue docks, all available for embarassing yourself in public on.  It was just a tiny adventure, but sometimes a tiny adventure is all you need, no?

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