Bluenose Mountain

Sometimes it’s nice to head out of town for a hike, even if it’s just a half hour or forty five minute drive. The other weekend, Dani and I packed up Max the Dog and drove north to Bluenose Mountain, just outside of Coldstream, BC.  Bluenose Mountain hovers above the tiny unincorporated town of Lavington.  From the peak, you can see Vernon to the west and the Lavington Valley to the east.

The hike is steep, but worth it for the view from the top.  To reach the trailhead, drive east out of Vernon on Highway 6.  As you enter Lavington, you’ll reach a right turn onto Learmouth. Follow Learmouth until you reach Aberdeen Lake Road (at a t intersection).  Follow Aberdeen Lake Road as it twists a few times and eventually turns to a gravel road.  A few kilometres up the gravel road, you’ll see a sign on your right for the hike.  Immediately following the sign, there’s a pullout on the left.  There’s parking, and the trail leads up directly from the parking area.

The trail itself is steep, but short switchbacks keep it from being too onerous.  We let Max off the leash, and he had a great time ripping up and down the side of the mountain while we trudged upwards.  

After about twenty or so minutes, the trail curls up between two peaks.  A sharp turn to the left takes you up to the higher peak.  After another ten or so minutes, you’ll reach a pleateau with sweeping views of the valley.  The day we visited was blustery and rainy, and the view wasn’t what I expect it would be on a clear day – we’ll definitely be coming back in the summer for a sunrise hike.

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