We Bought a House

Perhaps unusually (although humans are never as unique as we like to think we are), we found it while testing out an electric bike. We’ve been half looking at houses for a while – all daydreams on realtors.ca with very little grounding of the financial realities of committing $500,000.00 we don’t have to buying a yard to look after.

Those daydreams were buried in the back of my head this Sunday afternoon when we dropped by my parents’ house to visit all the little plants poking up in the garden (hello, crocuses!) and check out the fancy electric bike my mom had borrowed from a friend. After the obligatory tour around the yard to check out the new growth, I went out on the bike. I looped around a cul-de-sac – the kind of road you never head down if you don’t live there or aren’t testing your mom’s friend’s electric bike.

You can guess what was waiting at the end of the cul-de-sac – an open house just waiting for Dani and I to spend half a million dollars on it.

Sidebar: do you know what you could buy with $500,000.00? That money will get you:

-6,250 bottles of mid-range perfume

-10,000,000 fuzzy peaches

-735 return flights to an american city you probably didn’t want to visit anyhow

-16,666 lunches with your mom at that thai restaurant she likes

-many, many years of my skills as a lawyer

We wandered through the open house and fell in love with:

-vaulted, wood-beamed ceilings throughout the entire little house, all hanging over hardwood floors

-a sunny kitchen looking out at the big fenced yard

-the deck, which will be perfect for summer barbeques and morning coffees

-the weird side den, whose big south facing windows will make it the perfect home for my plants

There were also some strange details – half the master bedroom is covered in poorly applied plaid wallpaper, and the yard features a (potentially working, definitely hazardous) well.

Nonetheless, we walked away with hearts beating fast. Half an hour later, we were on the phone to a family friend realtor. We’d made an offer before dinner.

Another sidebar: we realize that we are enormously privileged and it is only by a unique and lucky set of circumstances that we’re in this position. Yes, generous parents were involved. We are so grateful to them, and don’t take it for granted for one second that we have the kinds of assistance available to us that many, many people are not so fortunate to have.

Now, the waiting / paperwork game. The seller has to find a place to buy before the end of May in order for our deal to really go through. I hear she’s motivated, and have no doubt things will work out. Dani, ever the pessimist, is quite sure that (a) she may still retroactively fail every test she’s ever taken (b) the seller [who literally studies why humans CARE about each other] is going to try to weasel out if the deal.

If things don’t work out? Hey, at least we can buy 10,000,000 fuzzy peaches with our mortgage. Those will appreciate with the real estate market, right?

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