I’m just a goofball that likes to write.  Here, I focus on the Okanagan, food (mostly cakes!), and beauty.

I’m a Kelowna kid with deep Kelowna roots, and I love where I’m from.  I’ve lived here all of my life, with the exception of three years of law school in Victoria.  I love the lake (for swimming, canoeing, and photographing) and Knox Mountain, but I’m also all about homemade soup with my parents.

As I write here, I’m not out here to be famous on instagram or be the next cute blogger girl.  I just want to write, and so here I am – talking about icing and beer and sweaters and Kelowna and all of the other truly mundane and truly beautiful things that I love.  Join me or don’t – but I’ll be here just the same, writing pleasant posts about pleasant things.  Doesn’t that sound nice?