Leftover-Christmas-Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are the best cookies.  As much as you might be feeling some white-chocolate-macadamia protests deep in your little heart, you and I both know that chocolate chip cookies are the Rocky of cookies.  They put in the work, grind it out, and come out on top.  They're not the locally-raised salted double caramel … Continue reading Leftover-Christmas-Chocolate Cookies

Looking After Your Face

Winter is peaceful, snowy, and also absolute hell anyone who has skin on their face (everyone, I think).  My own personal skin-face turns red at the slightest hint of mistreatment, as though it's personally offended by the wind chill.  While windchill really is incredibly rude, my skin stays red and angry until I placate it … Continue reading Looking After Your Face

How to Move Back to your Hometown and Love it

When I left Kelowna for law school in Victoria, I cheerfully and naively thought I'd never move back.  I thought I was headed to Vancouver Island for life - lawstudents.ca had smugly told me that 8/10 law students end up settling near where they went to school, and I believed it. While Victoria was typically beautiful … Continue reading How to Move Back to your Hometown and Love it